Custom Incentives

Find a Qualified PartnerProgram activity has been suspended. No incentives are being offered at this time.

Custom incentives are offered to encourage creative solutions to efficiency goals.  Custom incentives are offered for projects not covered by prescriptive incentives but which result in energy efficiency savings.  The costs and savings vary by application. Custom applications are submitted by the Qualified Partner and then reviewed by our engineering staff.

The amount of the Custom Incentive depends on the type of project:

  • For retrofit projects, the amount of the Efficiency Maine Custom Incentive may be up to 50% of the total cost of the efficiency project, including labor.
  • For new construction and major renovations, as well as replacement of failed equipment, the incentive may be up to 95% of the incremental cost of high-efficiency equipment over standard equipment.
  • Custom Incentives will be capped at $.28/kWh.
  • Projects must result in an annual energy savings of 35,000 kWh or more to be eligible for the Custom Program.

How To Apply

  • If you have a project that must be submitted using the Custom Application Process please contact a Qualified Partner for assistance.
  • Custom projects always require pre-approval.