Distributor Screw-In LED Program

Distributor Screw-In LED Program

Efficiency Maine helps participating distributors offer qualifying screw-in LEDs at reduced prices through its Distributor Screw-In LED Program. There’s no paperwork for customers to file and no waiting for rebate checks.

Product Eligibility

ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs with an efficacy of 70 lumens per watt or greater are eligible. Eligible products include A-line bulbs, spotlights, floodlights, and candelabra bulbs. Distributors determine pricing.

Customer Eligibility

All customers are eligible as long as the bulbs are installed in Maine. It is not necessary to work with a registered contractor.

Other Terms and Conditions

Project specifics (including purchaser and job location) must be documented as part of the purchase. Projects may be subject to inspection.


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