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PACE is temporarily suspended.

Efficiency Maine is excited to be partnering with Maine’s municipalities to provide attractive home energy improvement financing to your residents. Maine PACE and unsecured Energy Loans can deliver meaningful energy savings to homeowners seeking to make cost-effective home energy improvements. Efficiency Maine’s financing, coupled with our appliance rebates and solar incentives can help residents save money, make valuable improvements to their property, and possibly increase the resale value of their home.

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Next Steps

Interested in having your community pass a Maine PACE ordinance? Email Andy Meyer at

To get a PACE loan in Maine, a customer’s property must be located in a municipality that has adopted a PACE ordinance. Unless and until a municipality adopts a PACE ordinance, the homeowner cannot obtain a PACE loan. NOTE: Other energy loans are available statewide.

Efficiency Maine has developed a Model PACE Ordinance which towns can use for their own ordinances. Click here for Model Ordinance, in which Efficiency Maine will administer the PACE program on behalf of the municipality. Click here for a Model Contract. Click here for the List of Municipalities(PDF) that have notified Efficiency Maine that they have passed a PACE Ordinance.

For municipalities that adopt ordinances using the town meeting approach, there can be a significant lag time between opportunities to adopt an ordinance. As such, it is important to place the PACE ordinance on your agenda as time permits.