Bangor Daily News Covers Students Weatherizing Brunswick Group Home

When your eyes deceive you, trust your hands. That was the advice building contractor Tom Wojcik had for a roomful of middle school students Tuesday.

“Put your hands down by this window and see if you can’t feel some of that cold air coming right in,” said Wojcik, standing in a bedroom of a single-story home in Brunswick. The students did as they were asked and nodded in agreement. The seams around the windows looked tight enough, but they obviously weren’t.

“That cold air blowing in here, that’s what we’re after,” said Wojcik, a building contractor with Upright Frameworks, which focuses on energy efficiency. “We’re going to seal that right up.”

The students, who were part of a project at Brunswick Junior High School in which they’re helping tighten up a home’s insulation, took turns with Wojcik’s caulking gun, closing the cracks in an attempt to reduce the home’s heating costs by as much as 30 or 40 percent.

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