Bangor Natural Gas Residential Customer Rebates

Are you or are you thinking about becoming a Bangor Natural Gas customer? Are you looking to upgrade to a Bangor Natural Gas fired heating system or make insulation improvements to make your home more evenly heated and comfortable year round? Efficiency Maine has rebates of up to $5,000 and $15,000 in financing to get your project started right away.


Check out our Compare Heating Costs Calculator to see how Natural Gas with a high efficiency boiler stacks up against your current heating system.

Benefits of Weatherization

No one likes to waste heat or money, yet most Maine homes are far draftier than they should be and nearly all homes could benefit from increased insulation in attics, walls or basements. The Home Energy Savings Program (HESP) provides rebates on energy assessments with air sealing, as well as insulation and best in class heating systems. Bangor Natural Gas customers that complete HESP projects are able to receive doubled rebates on eligible measures. Get started by finding a local Registered Vendor using our online locator tool today!

  1. Reduce heating bills.
  2. Reduce/eliminate cooling bills.
  3. Increase comfort in both summer and winter.
  4. Eliminate ice dams on roofs.
  5. Avoid frozen pipes.


Efficiency Maine Rebate* Bangor NG Bonus Combined Incentive Minimum Project Cost Before Incentive
1 An Efficiency Maine-approved Energy Audit with 6 hours of air sealing $400 $400 $600
2 Efficiency Maine qualifying natural gas fueled high-efficiency condensing combination heat and hot water boiler (“combi-boiler”) $300 $700 $1,000 $2,000
3 Efficiency Maine qualifying natural gas fueled high-efficiency furnace $300 $300 $2,000
4 Insulation $500 $900 $1,400 $2,400
5 Next Step Bonus (Rebate for installation measures beyond air sealing and energy assessment) $100 $100 N/A
6 Natural Gas water heaters (with an energy efficiency of 82% or greater) $300 $300 $600
* For Efficiency Maine rebates, central heating systems must also meet these criteria: – Must also be ENERGY STAR rated, unless a direct vent wall furnace, and;
– Must be either (a) condensing or (b) installed with controls that include pre- and post-purge, outdoor reset, and cold start;
– Must not include tankless coils;
– Must be modulating or demonstrate improved building fitness
Efficiency Maine loans up to $15,000 at 4.99% APR are available for qualifying projects with qualified borrowers.

Financial Example

Efficient natural gas heat in a weatherized house

Energy audit with 6 hours air sealing $600
Increasing Attic Insulation to R49 (~18″) $4,200
Whole Basement 2″ Sprayfoam Insulation +$4,800
Total cost $9,600
Efficiency Maine audit/air sealing rebate with BNG bonus $400
Attic insulation rebate + bonus $1,400
Basement insulation rebate + bonus $1,400
Efficiency Maine “next step bonus” +$100
Total incentives $3,300
Net investment $6,300
Monthly payments 4.99% APR, 10-year loan $65

Rebate Process

  1. Energy Audit – Use Efficiency Maine’s Registered Vendor Locator to find a Participating Energy Advisor to perform an energy audit and 6 hours of draft sealing.
  2. Weatherize – Use Efficiency Maine’s Registered Vendor Locator to find an insulation company. Get quotes, apply for financing (optional), hire an insulator, and pay for it with the loan and up to $5,000 of Efficiency Maine rebates. A well-insulated home significantly reduces your heating costs.
  3. Install a Heating System – You may consider upgrading to a high efficiency natural gas heating system , use Efficiency Maine’s Vendor Locator to find a heating system installer, get quotes, apply for financing (optional), hire an installer, and pay for it with the loan and up to $1,000 of Efficiency Maine rebates within the per building cap of $5,000.

See the complete list of eligible measures and the increased incentives available to Natural Gas customers on this comprehensive rebate form. These rebates are available for Unitil, Maine Natural Gas and Bangor Natural Gas. If you are a Summit Natural Gas customer click here.