What Exactly IS Air Sealing?

Air sealing sounds strange; can one really seal air? It may help to think of it as “draft sealing”—stopping the flow of air leaking into and out of your house. Air sealing is one of the most economical and easy ways to lower heating bills, and improve the comfort of your home—ridding it of chilly drafts.

Air leaks come in all sizes—from obvious gaps to invisible channels (where cold air infiltrates through the house, follows plumbing or ductwork, and then resurfaces through recessed lighting, sliding doors or electrical outlets).

Just how many ways can cold air enter your house? At least 19 different ways, according to this schematic by the Department of Energy.

Each individual leak may be small, but their collective impact can be sizable – in many homes, equal to having a window open year-round.

While minor air sealing like caulking and weather-stripping can be done yourself, consider an energy contractor for major air sealing. Many contractors combine air sealing with a home energy assessment, in which a qualified energy advisor performs a blower door test and other checks to locate air leaks. The energy advisor’s assessment can identify priorities for air sealing and many can be addressed immediately.

Efficiency Maine offers a $400 rebate for air sealing combined with an energy assessment. To find an air sealing contractor near you, click here to use our Vendor Locator.

To learn more about how air sealing can rid your home of cold and costly drafts, click here.