FAQs: Home Energy Savings Program

Is funding still available for Home Energy Savings Program rebates?

All Home Energy Savings Program rebate money has been committed. Maine PACE financing is still available.

Does Efficiency Maine offer financing?

Yes. Maine PACE is available to finance Home Energy Savings Program projects in select towns. We also encourage homeowners to use home equity loans or check with their personal banks and credit unions about special energy-related home improvement loans that may be available.

What is an energy audit?

Energy auditors use blower door systems to quantify the total air leaks of a home. They use combustion-testing equipment to make sure your home’s heating system is operating safely and at peak efficiency. They typically also use infrared cameras to identify sources of air leaks and airflow monitors to test ventilation fan function and duct leaks. They assess insulation levels and all significant energy savings opportunities. Your auditor will produce a report that outlines the highest-yielding improvements, specifying cost and savings of each measure using energy modeling software. See photos of the equipment used.

Is there a fee for the audit? If so, how much does it cost?

Yes. Fees vary, but a typical home energy audit costs approximately $500. Energy Advisors determine their own fees.

Can the cost of the energy audit be included in my Maine PACE loan?

Yes. The energy assessment is required, so it can be included in the total project cost when calculating your loan.