First Stop: Insulation

In a cold climate like Maine’s, houses require ample insulation at every level from foundation to roof and throughout exterior walls. Adequate insulation and air sealing not only saves on heating bills, it makes the house feel more comfortable – eliminating chilly drafts in winter and keeping it cooler in the heat of summer.

Maine houses typically come up far short of recommended insulation levels. The Department of Energy, for example, suggest that attics here have a minimum R-value (a measure of resistance to transferring heat) of 49 yet the average Maine attic has less than a third of that (only R13).

Before installing insulation, consider getting a thorough home energy assessment from a skilled energy advisor. Efficiency Maine offers homeowners a rebate of up to $400 to help cover the assessment and up to six hours of air sealing (eliminating problematic leaks).

An energy advisor can inspect your home to determine how much insulation is there, where it is installed (or missing) and whether it could benefit from air sealing. The advisor then recommends kinds and amounts of insulation for each part of the house (such as crawl spaces, wall cavities and basements). If you decide to add spray foam or blown-in insulation, please use an insulation professional. Find one near you on Efficiency’s Maine Vendor Locator.

Efficiency Maine offers incentives worth up to $2,000 to cover the needed work. Natural gas customers may be eligible for additional rebates.

Find out more about energy efficient insulation and incentives here.