Low Income Home Energy Savings Program

Low-Cost Weatherization Rebates For Eligible Maine Homes

Are you interested in lowering your heating costs and making your home more comfortable by insulating your attic, basement or exterior walls? For as little as $50 out of pocket, you can receive $1,050 worth of professional weatherization services to eliminate drafts with an energy assessment and basic air sealing services.

Eligibility has been expanded to include participants in LIHEAP, municipal general-assistance programs, and other income-based programs. Owner-occupied mobile homes, and single family homes with a total municipal value of $80,000 or less are also able to receive LIHESP discounts.

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In addition to higher weatherization rebates and lower minimum contributions toward projects, Efficiency Maine also has a new Micro Energy Loan making energy upgrade project financing available to more homeowners than ever with low monthly payments and no upfront cost.

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Call 866-376-2463 to connect with a local Energy Advisor that provides energy assessments and basic air sealing services in your area. Ask them about pricing, schedule, and willingness to provide a direct discount on their invoice. Efficiency Maine will send the incentive payments for completed work directly to your contractor.

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To find contractors who provide energy efficiency services for low-income homeowners, visit our Find a Residential Registered Vendor page and select the “Low Income Services” checkbox next to the green icon.

Even if your credit is less than perfect, you may be eligible to finance energy upgrades through our new Micro Energy Loans. There is no cost or obligation to fill out our quick online application. Micro Energy Loans of up to $4,000 at 5.99% APR fixed interest and a monthly payment of $44 are available to most homeowners with our recently revised lending standards.



How does it work?

Most standard Home Energy Savings Program (HESP) eligibility criteria and rules apply for projects completed under Low Income HESP (LIHESP). Air sealing and assessments can be combined with basic energy saving measures as well as full insulation upgrades to provide as much as $5,000 total in incentives for your project. Customer contributions toward project costs are dependent on the quote received on the desired scope of work from a Registered Vendor, but can be as low as $50. Minimum contribution amounts vary by measure but include: $50 minimum for $1,000 Assessment & Basic Energy Upgrades, and $1,000 rebate for each insulation zone (include attics, basements, and walls) upgraded with a $500 copay per zone.

When the project is complete, both the homeowner and vendor sign the LIHESP claim form and return it to Efficiency Maine for processing along with a project invoice, and proof of LIHEAP participation. If a loan is part of the project, submission of a loan project completion form will trigger release of loan proceeds to the vendor to cover the remainder of the agreed upon invoice amount.


This offer is limited and available while funding lasts. No reservation is required. See LIHESP Claim Form for eligibility criteria and restrictions.