Compare Water Heating Costs

This calculator shows the approximate costs of heating water for a typical family. Gallons-per-day, temperature rise, cost-per-unit, and energy factor values are all adjustable.

Gal/Day: Temperature Rise °F:
Energy UnitCost/UnitEnergy FactorAnnual Cost10-yr Cost
Heat pump water heaterkWh$$$
Oil boiler w/indirect tankgal$$$
Natural gas instantaneoustherm$$$
Oil boiler w/tankless coilgal$$$
Natural gas storage tanktherm$$$
Propane (LP) instantaneousgal$$$
Propane (LP) storage tankgal$$$
Electric tankkWh$$$

This calculator is for comparison purposes only. Actual performance may vary. Default energy prices last updated: 07/22/2022.