Low-Income Options

Options for Low-Income Households

Find out if you're eligible for enhanced incentives that can save on energy costs.

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Federal Funding

Federal Funding

Learn about available incentives that are funded by the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan Act, and the Maine Jobs & Recovery Plan.

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Virtual customer consultations for businesses

Virtual Business Consultations

Businesses can now consult with our team about getting started with an energy efficiency project.

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Give Boiler Summers Off

Heating Your Water with Oil?

Switch to a heat pump water heater and give your boiler summers off.

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Incentives for high-efficiency commercial lighting


Upgrade to a high-efficiency system

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Cut energy costs with high-efficiency appliances


Save with a heat pump water heater

Find the best solutions for:


Get year-round comfort with ductless heat pumps

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