Hospitality & Lodging

Hospitality and Lodging Sector

Upgrading your facility with high-efficiency products and systems can lower operating costs, make lodging more comfortable for guests and employees, and demonstrate a commitment to sound environmental practices. Efficiency Maine offers a variety of incentives to help inns, motels, and other year-round hospitality businesses update their facilities and increase energy efficiency.

Switching outdoor lighting from metal halide lights to LEDs can cut up to 70% of energy use

Lighting Solutions

Lower energy costs and enhance the aesthetics of your space by installing high-efficiency lighting fixtures and controls. LED fixtures are available in a variety of tones and hues, for every application. Lighting controls can help you create the right ambiance and reduce energy usage. Hotels can save by upgrading exterior lights (including parking lot and wall-mounted flood lights) and interior lighting (including overhead fixtures and screw-in LEDs).

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Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Solutions

Upgrading to high-efficiency heating and cooling systems can help reduce your facility’s energy costs.

Efficiency Maine has incentives available for whole-building and room-by-room solutions. Find out more about incentives for whole-building solutions including boilers and furnaces, or room-by-room heating and cooling systems, like ductless heat pumps.

Incentives currently available for:

  • Boilers and Furnaces
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
  • Heaters
  • On-demand water heaters
  • Controls for existing systems

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High-efficiency refrigerators and freezers typically reduce energy use by 40% compared to standard models

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Operating a kitchen with out-of-date appliances can be a big energy drain. Upgrade to high-efficiency kitchen equipment to reduce energy costs. Efficient appliances also heat and cool more evenly, helping decrease prep times and reduce food waste.

Efficiency Maine offers incentives for the following commercial kitchen solutions:

  • Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Makers
  • Convection and Combination Ovens
  • Fryers, Griddles, Steamers

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Ready to upgrade your facility with high-efficiency equipment and appliances? Work with an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner in order to be eligible for these incentives.

If you work with a contractor that is not yet a Qualified Partner, urge your contractor to find out more information here.

Additional Information

  • Find energy-saving tips for hotels and hospitality businesses on the Energy Star website.
  • Don’t see your energy solution listed above? Efficiency Maine offers incentives for custom energy solutions. Find out more here.