Joy Adamson

Grants Administrator

Ian Burnes

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Emily Cushman

Program Manager

Peter Eglinton

Deputy Director

Bridget Gifford

Program Manager

Monte Haynes

Senior Accountant and Loan Program Manager

Anastasia Hediger

Program Manager

Greg Leclair

Director of Finance & Administration

Laura Martel

Research and Evaluation Manager

Rick Meinking

Senior Program Manager

Andy Meyer

Senior Program Manager

Dan Mistro

Research & Data Analyst

Kate Rankin

Senior Communications Manager

Tim Reed

Communications Manager

Jack Riordan

Strategic Initiatives Manager

Amalia Siegel

Amalia Siegel

Program Manager

Anne Stephenson

Senior Manager for Public Information and Outreach

Michael Stoddard

Executive Director

Satchel Toole

Program Manager

Michelle Turner

Administrative Secretary