Heat Pump Water Heaters

Hybrid heat pump water heaters are a new, highly efficient way to heat water. Find out more about heat pump water heaters and Efficiency Maine’s Appliance incentives.

Commercial Heat Pump Case Study

With help from Efficiency Maine’s business incentive program, MTA Accounting installed mini-split heat pump units. Click to read more about how mini-split heat pump units are helping this Maine business save on energy costs.

Energy Loans

Upgrade your heating system, weatherize your home, or make other improvements to lower your energy bills.   Make low monthly payments and offset the cost of your loan through your energy savings!


Maine Businesses Bracing for Steep Energy Price Hikes in New Year

St. Joseph’s College has undertaken a large lighting retrofit with help from Efficiency Maine. Read or listen to the...

Efficiency Maine’s Annual Symposium

Join Efficiency Maine for a lively discussion about how Maine businesses and households can manage their energy costs in...

Meet Andy Meyer: Efficiency Maine manager lights our way to energy-smart homes

Efficiency Maine’s Andy Meyer was interviewed for the Portland Press Herald’s Source. Read the full interview here.