Triennial Plan Webpage

Click here for Efficiency Maine’s dedicated website for Triennial Plan resources and comments. There you’ll also find a full list of upcoming program area webinars.

Homeowner Case Study: Dana & Clyde

When Dana moved into her Portland home, she was always cold. Before renovating her kitchen, she wanted to weatherize her home and replace her heating system. Dana decided to bundle these projects and finance them with an Energy Loan from Efficiency Maine.  She had her basement and walls air sealed, then installed an energy-efficient heating system.

Energy Loans

Upgrade your heating system, weatherize your home, or make other improvements to lower your energy bills.   Make low monthly payments and offset the cost of your loan through your energy savings!


Demand Response Study and Emerging Issues Meeting

The Efficiency Maine Trust will host a meeting on Thursday, August 13 from 9 to 11 AM to define...

Evaluation, Measurement and Verification – Triennial Plan III (Webinar)

Efficiency Maine is hosting an Evaluation, Measurement and Verification webinar as a part of the Triennial Plan III (FY2017-2019)...

Efficiency Maine Trust Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Efficiency Maine Trust Board will be held on Wednesday July 29, 2015 at Efficiency...