Education Sector

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, school buildings are the third largest commercial building energy users, and nearly 30% of that energy is used inefficiently.* Optimizing energy use through upgraded energy solutions can help schools reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance requirements, improve productivity, and more. Read on for efficiency solutions for the education sector.

*Source: Alliance to Save Energy,

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Solutions

Schools can save money and increase equipment reliability by making energy-efficient choices when installing or replacing heating, cooling or ventilation (HVAC) equipment. Efficiency Maine offers incentives for:

  • Furnaces and Boilers
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
  • Space Heaters
  • Controls

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LED lighting solutions increase classroom productivity and improve comfort.

Lighting Solutions

Proper lighting is a necessity in schools to maintain a productive and safe environment but it can be a significant operating cost. High-efficiency fixtures and lighting controls can enhance aesthetics while decreasing cost. Efficiency Maine offers incentives for interior and exterior high-efficiency lighting solutions including:

  • LED Lamp Replacements
  • LED Retrofit Kits
  • New LED Fixtures
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Controls

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High-efficiency cooking and refrigeration equipment reduces water usage, heat loss, and energy costs.

Commercial Kitchen

Schools can reduce energy costs and increase reliability with high-efficiency cooking equipment and appliances, refrigerators and freezers.  Efficiency Maine offers incentives for:

  • Refrigerators, Freezers, Ice Makers
  • Convection and Combination Ovens
  • Fryers, Griddles, Steamers

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Water Heating

Schools can reduce water heating costs by upgrading to high-efficiency water heating systems and choosing a system that meets each schools’ needs. Efficiency Maine offers incentives for:

  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters

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Additional Information

Don’t see your energy solution listed above? Efficiency Maine offers incentives for custom energy solutions. Click here for more information on the Custom Program.