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Residential Incentives

Here is a partial list of the maximum rebates, discounts, and federal tax credits for homeowners investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

 UpgradeFederal Tax CreditEfficiency Maine
Low Income Incentives
Efficiency Maine
Moderate Income Incentives
Efficiency Maine
Any Income Incentives
Water HeatersHeat Pump Water Heater$2,000**free$950$950
Water Heaters200+ amp circuit panel upgrade$600*   
Heat PumpsHeat Pumps$2,000**$8,000$6,000$4,000
Heat Pumps200+ amp circuit panel upgrade$600*   
WeatherizationEnergy Audit$150*   
WeatherizationExterior Doors$250/door, $500 total*   
Electric VehiclesEVs$7,500$7,500$3,500$2,000
Electric VehiclesInstallation of EV charger$1,000   
Demand ManagementManaged Charging for EVs $50/yr $50/yr $50/yr
Demand ManagementManaged Charging/Use of Home Batteries $100/kW/yr$100/kW/yr$100/kW/yr
AppliancesClothes Washers $50$50$50
Pellet / WoodBoiler/Furnace$2,000**$6,000$6,000$6,000
Pellet / WoodStove$2,000**   
OtherECM Circulator Pumps $75$75$75
OtherGeothermal30% no cap$3,000$3,000$3,000
OtherInstallation of Battery30% no cap   
OtherSolar30% no cap   

* 30% of net cost after rebate up to $1,200/year shared maximum. Click here for details.
** 30% of net cost after rebate up to $2,000/year shared maximum. Click here for details.

Eligibility requirements apply. Program and incentives subject to change or termination.


We offer home energy loans to help income-eligible Maine homeowners pay for Efficiency Maine incentive-eligible energy upgrades. Qualifying homeowners can borrow up to $7,500 over 10 years with no fees and interest rates as low as 5.99% APR. Electric vehicles are not eligible.