Small Battery Incentive Calculator

Use the tool below to calculate your potential annual incentive through the Small Battery Management incentive program. Use the drop-down lists below to automatically populate the specifications of your battery or manually fill in the the data fields to more accurately reflect your home system.

Please input the number of units you have installed in your home or business:

Maximum Continuous Discharge Capacity (kW or kVA)

Total Useable Energy (kWh)1

Please select a minimum state-of-charge (SoC) safety margin you would like to maintain2


Demand Response event duration (hours)3

Incentive per kW or kVA: $100

Maximum potential annual incentive payment:*

*Depending on actual performance of battery system

1Total useable energy is often less than the maximum energy due to inefficiencies within the battery systems. These assumptions are based on a new battery installation and total energy capacity of a battery may degrade over time.

2Efficiency Maine assumes an industry-standard 15% SoC safety margin as a program default. Participants are able to change this setting in accordance with manufacturer limitations. The minimum state of charge (SoC) is the minimum amount of remaining charge that can be set by consumers as a reserve or by manufacturers to preserve battery health. The value of the minimum state of charge is displayed typically as a percent of total battery capacity.

3Efficiency Maine anticipates that all demand response events will last three hours.