Weatherization Solutions

Efficiency Maine offers incentives and financing for homeowners improving the energy performance of their home, including qualified upgrades to the building envelope.  The building envelope is the barrier between the inside and outside and what is meant to be heated and not heated. In most Maine homes, the envelope offers significant cost-effective opportunities for improvement. Installing building envelope measures like air sealing and insulation can significantly reduce energy costs and increase comfort.  Efficiency Maine offers incentives and loans for weatherization projects to improve your building envelope.  Click on the links below to learn more:

Energy AssessmentFor building envelope projects, receiving an energy assessment is the first step towards savings.  During the assessment, an Efficiency Maine Energy Advisor will perform various tests—including a blower door test to measure air flow and combustion safety tests on your heating system—to determine the efficiency of your home. Afterwards, the Energy Advisor will provide you with recommendations for ways to make your home more energy efficient and offer support in securing Efficiency Maine incentives and loans.

Air Sealing:  Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of your home is a cost-effective way to reduce heating costs as well as increase the comfort of your home.  Most Maine homes have air leaks equivalent to one large open window.  Often this leakage occurs in areas behind walls or in chases that are not visible to occupants. Close that hidden window and save! Air sealing is typically the most cost-effective, energy-saving solution for Maine homeowners.  Find out more about air sealing solutions, finding an air sealing contractor, and air sealing incentives here.

EMinsulation_100x100Insulation Odds are your home needs more insulation – Efficiency Maine data indicates that the majority of Maine homes have inadequate insulation. Insulating to recommended levels in Maine attics, basements and walls can cut heating costs by 40% or more. Click here to learn more about insulation solutions and finding an insulation installer.

EMincentives_100x100Incentives and Financing: Maine homeowners are eligible for up to $2,000 in incentives and can access low-interest financing to pay for energy improvements, including air sealing and insulation, through the Home Energy Savings Program. Projects financed through an Efficiency Maine Energy Loan often have payments that are offset by monthly savings. Click here to find out more.

EMvendor_100x100Find a Registered Vendor:  Use this tool to find an Energy Advisor, Insulation Contractor, or Heating Contractor near you.


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Summit Natural Gas Customers may be eligible for additional rebates.  Find out more about these incentives here.

Unitil Natural Gas, Maine Natural Gas, and Bangor Natural Gas Customers may be eligible for additional rebates. Find out more about these incentives here.