Meet Maine’s Energy-Savers

Looking for examples of Maine homeowners and businesses who are already saving energy using Efficiency Maine programs? You’re in the right place. Find the category that’s right for you: residential, business and more. Then watch the videos to see how you can start saving, too.

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Dana & Clyde Case Study
Dana & Clyde
When Dana first moved into her new home, she was always cold. Before renovating her kitchen or replacing the wall paper, she weatherized, and replaced her heating system. Learn why.
Real Life Stories
Real Life Stories
Hear from homeowners about their high level of satisfaction with the technology. Plumbers share their positive experiences with heat pump water heaters.
Heat Pump Water Heaters
Heat Pump Water Heaters
Learn how heat pump water heaters work, and what you need to know when installing one in your home.
Air Sealing Your Home
Air Sealing
Find out how to eliminate drafts, save on your heating costs, and make your home more comfortable through air sealing.
Heat Pump Case Study
Nancy & Jim
See how one Presque Isle couple is saving an estimated 50 percent on their heating costs after installing a high-efficiency heat pump.
How Heat Pumps Work
How heat pumps work
Learn how air source heat pumps are installed, how they work, and their key advantages and disadvantages.
PACE Loan Case Study
Sheila & John
The Bacons received an Efficiency Maine PACE Loan to weatherize their home. They now expect to save 50% in energy costs.
Jane & Stuart Case Study
Jane & Stuart
After weatherizing their home, one couple in Warren is now saving 50 percent on their heating bills.
Anne & Al Case Study
Anne & Al
The Home Energy Savings Program helped one Rockland homeowner save energy and money. The work was conveniently financed using a low-interest Home Energy Loan.


Orono Wastewater Treatment
Orono, Maine
See how Orono saved energy and money by making energy efficiency upgrades at its wastewater treatment facility.
Unity Weatherization Project
Unity, Maine
See how Unity saved energy and money by organizing a community-wide weatherization effort.
Caribou Lighting Project
Caribou, Maine
See how Caribou saved energy and money through LED lighting upgrades.
Alfred Town Hall Upgrades
Alfred, Maine
See how the Town of Alfred saved energy and money by making numerous efficiency upgrades to its town hall.
St. Francis Town Hall Upgrades
St. Francis, Maine
See how St. Francis saved energy and money by making numerous energy efficiency upgrades to its town office and fire station.
Strong Town Upgrades
Strong, Maine
See how Strong saved energy and money by making energy efficiency upgrades.
Thomaston Wastewater Treatment
Thomaston, Maine
See how Thomaston saved energy and money by making energy efficiency upgrades at its wastewater treatment facility.
Allagash Town Upgrades
Allagash, Maine
See how Allagash saved energy and money by making numerous efficiency upgrades to its community center and fire station.
Farmington Wastewater Treatment
Farmington, Maine
See how Farmington saved energy and money by installing solar panels at its wastewater treatment plant.
Municipal Case Studies
Municipal Case Studies
Using federal stimulus funds, 11 Maine communities saved significant resources and realized other benefits by reducing energy use and improving energy efficiency at town halls and other municipal buildings.


St Mary’s CHP Case Study
With help from Efficiency Maine’s Commercial & Industrial Custom Program, St. Mary’s Health System installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit in Lewiston. The new system generates electricity on site, using the waste heat for various domestic hot water needs in the facility.
Oxford Networks: Case Study
Oxford Networks
Oxford Networks:High-Efficiency Lighting and Cooling Case Study
Jasper Wyman & Son
Wyman's Blueberries
Learn how Jasper Wyman & Son saved $90,000 a year by investing in a high-efficiency refrigeration system.
Laundromat Case Study
Industrial Street Laundromat
Industrial Street Laundromat in Presque Isle installed 31 high-efficiency lights and anticipates saving more than $850 a year.
Small Office Case Study
B.R. Smith
B.R. Smith Associates, a small Presque Isle engineering firm, improved the lighting in its office by installing 15 energy-efficient T-8 lights.