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Qualified Partner Application Form


Step 1 of the application process

Please complete the application form in full, after reading the terms and conditions. Submit the application form to Efficiency Maine.

Step 2 of the application process

After review and acceptance of your completed application, you will receive by email the links to your requested training webinars as well as copies of the presentations, Proof of Completion and Certificate of Insurance Request forms. Review the required training webinars, complete and sign the Proof of Completion form, and return to Efficiency Maine either by fax to 800-334-7033, mail or email to the address below. Provide the Certificate of Insurance Request form to your insurance provider.

Step 3 of the application process

After final review and acceptance of all your completed application materials and your completed online training sessions, you will receive written notice by email approving your application with your unique effRT 2.0 user access information.

Efficiency Maine Partner Expectations

Please read the Efficiency Maine Partner Expectations by clicking below.

Efficiency Maine Partner Expectations

In order to receive and maintain status as a Partner in Efficiency Maine’s business program, all applicants must comply with the following:

Complete a one time mandatory new Qualified Partner online training

Participate in an annual Business Program Recertification webinar held in May and June

Participate in a minimum of 5 projects per program year to remain an active Partner

Execute an agreement with Efficiency Maine in which the applicant(s) affirm that they will represent Efficiency Maine to their customers, according to Efficiency Maine policies and procedures, and will be subject to any quality-control inspections that may be required by Efficiency Maine or its contractor

Agree to indemnify and hold harmless Efficiency Maine from any legal liability

Provide proof of $1 million insurance coverage to cover any potential liability on the part of the Partner to third persons

Partner will cooperate with inspections and verifications of Partner projects

Meet certain minimum performance standards, as required by the Business Program and measured by quality assurance surveys submitted by Efficiency Maine Business Program participants

Maintain an email address

Agrees to conduct business in an honest and ethical manner in the following areas:

1. Avoid conflicts of interest with all parties.

2. Comply with applicable laws, ordinances, regulations, and codes.

3. Fulfill contractual obligations.

Represent Efficiency Maine in a manner that does not adversely affect Efficiency Maine’s business, operations, reputation, or goodwill. This includes:

1. Respectful treatment of the customer’s facility and property, including communication with the customer and Program Implementer and/or Program Administrator when damage to the facility or property has occurred as a result of project implementation.

2. Truthfulness in all aspects of engagement with Efficiency Maine. This includes accuracy on the completion and customer eligibility of submitted applications and reports, as well as the attributed savings resulting from retrofits and installation.

Efficiency Maine Terms and Conditions

Please read the Efficiency Maine Terms and Conditions by clicking below.


1. Applicant approval will be effective as of the date of an Application Approval Notice and Applicant will be subject to these Terms and Conditions and all program-specific Terms and Conditions for participation. Efficiency Maine Partner approval will continue for a term of one year from the date of the program’s Application Approval Notice, and will automatically renew each year on the anniversary of such Application Approval Notice for additional one year periods, unless otherwise suspended or terminated in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2. Once approved as an Efficiency Maine Partner, Applicant may be listed on Efficiency Maine’s website as a participating Partner of Efficiency Maine.

3. Efficiency Maine will provide Applicant with informational training materials, and additional training as required by each Efficiency Maine Program for which Applicant has been approved.

4. Applicant will indemnify, reimburse, hold harmless and defend Efficiency Maine, from any claims of any kind, including but not limited, to all fees and charges of engineers, architects, attorneys and other professionals and all court or arbitration or other disputed resolution costs arising out of or connected in any way with any act or omission of Applicant, its employees, agents or subcontractors of any tier or any other entity or person for whom Applicant is liable, in the performance or nonperformance of services as an Efficiency Maine Partner.

5. Applicant understands that there will be inspections and verifications of Partner’s work in accordance with policies and procedures of the Efficiency Maine program. Applicant must cooperate with these inspections and verifications, and continue to perform at an acceptable standard.

6. Once approved as an Efficiency Maine Partner, Applicant is authorized to use the Efficiency Maine Partner logo consistent
with Efficiency Maine logo usage guidelines, provided that Applicant submits the proposed materials for review and approval by
Efficiency Maine.

7. In being recognized as a Partner by Efficiency Maine, nothing shall create any agency relationship between Efficiency Maine and Applicant. Applicant shall, at all times, be considered, and render services as, an independent contractor.

8. Applicant understands that Efficiency Maine is not endorsing its business, or warranting or endorsing any equipment that may
be sold by Applicant. Under no circumstances shall Efficiency Maine be liable to Applicant for any direct or indirect losses, costs or
damages arising from or related to, any representations, equipment or installations made by the Applicant.

9. Partner status may not be assigned. Applicant may discontinue participating as a Partner by notifying Efficiency Maine in writing. Efficiency Maine may suspend or terminate a person’s “Partner” status if, in its sole discretion, it determines that a Partner has failed to provide services in accordance with, or has failed to abide by, the policies and procedures of the Efficiency Maine Business Program or has otherwise acted in a manner that is materially adverse to Efficiency Maine’s Business Program. Written notification of suspension or cancellation of a Partner’s status shall be sent to a Partner’s last known address and will be effective upon mailing.

10. Efficiency Maine and its representatives shall have no responsibility for the discovery, presence, handling, removal, or disposal of hazardous materials of any kind, including without limitation asbestos, asbestos products, PCBs, or other toxic substances; or exposure of Partner or any other persons to such materials, in connection with Partner’s participation in any Efficiency Maine program.


Application Submission

By clicking the “Submit” button below, I represent and warrant that (i) I am duly authorized to submit this Application on behalf of the Applicant; (ii) the information provided in this Application and any other related documents delivered to Efficiency Maine, is true, accurate and complete;
(iii) I have read this Application in its entirety; and (iv) I understand and accept the terms and conditions contained in this Application.
I further understand and accept that the approval or rejection of the Application is in the sole discretion of Efficiency Maine and that only upon receipt of any program-specific Application Approval Notice will Applicant be a Partner of Efficiency Maine.