2011 Year In Review

Click Here to access Efficiency Maine’s Year in Review, highlighting our residential and business program successes for Fiscal Year 2011.

We delivered programs that will save a total of $449 million in lifetime energy savings. In other words, Maine businesses and homeowners would spend an additional $449 million in present and future energy costs if it were not for Efficiency Maine programs from this past year.

The average total cost to both procure and deliver this energy savings amounted to $0.03 per kilowatt hour. This compares to the average standard offer price of electricity of $0.083 per kilowatt hour during Fiscal Year 2011. Even with standard offer prices thankfully coming down, efficiency is still the lower cost resource.

We hope that you will read this report to learn how we achieved these results by:

  • Reducing lifetime energy costs for Maine homeowners by more than $101 million, averaging 40% annual energy savings per participating homeowner, or more than $1,400 per year
  • Partnering with more than 400 Maine trade allies (Efficiency Maine’s Qualified Partners) who supply or install energy-efficient equipment to deliver programs through the marketplace
  • Spurring sales of 1.9 million CFL bulbs, 72% more than the 1.1 million CFLs sold during FY 2010
  • Collaborating with homeowners, businesses, municipalities, and schools to achieve significant and lasting results, as profiled within this report.

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