Low Income Water Heaters

Low Income Water Heater Program

The Efficiency Maine Low Income Water Heater Program provides free installation of heat pump water heaters in eligible homes. Free removal of existing water heater and installation of LED bulbs, low flow aerators, and low flow showerheads are also included.

Eligible Residents

  1. Must directly pay their electric bills (electricity costs cannot be included in rent) and
  2. Must be on MaineHousing’s or Maine Indian tribes’ LIHEAP lists or are LIHEAP income eligible residents of housing authority properties.

Eligible Homes

  1. Must have an electric resistance water heater in a basement that:
    • is not intentionally heated,
    • stays above 35F,
    • is open to at least 100 square feet, and
    • is at least 6 feet tall.

Get Started

  1. Eligible homeowner contacts Efficiency Maine (866-376-2463)
  2. Efficiency Maine verifies eligibility
  3. Customer signs Customer Agreement
  4. Efficiency Maine hires an independent plumber
  5. Plumber replaces existing electric water heater with a heat pump water heater and upgrades any incandescent bulbs, aerators, or showerheads to efficient alternatives as agreed to by homeowner
  6. Efficiency Maine pays plumber for all material and labor costs

Terms and Conditions

Measures installed through this program are not eligible for any other Efficiency Maine incentives. See Customer Agreement for additional terms and conditions. Funding is limited and program is subject to change at any time.