Versant Residential Space Heating Service Rate for Bangor Hydro District (BHD)


Homes using heat pumps for 50% or more of their winter space heating may benefit from a different electric rate.

  1. Click here to check your eligibility for Versant’s A-20 Heat rate.

  2. Input your home’s monthly kWh usage below. Grab your bill or log in to your online services account. For help reading your bill, click here (

    Note that average electric usage of at least 787 kWh/month from October to April will constitute bill savings under the heat pump rate A-20.

    If you don’t have your bill handy, you can use an estimated usage (in kWh). In the Bangor area, a home that is heating with the highest efficiency heat pump* might use 1,100 to 1,400 kWh per month during the heating season. However, individual homes may vary.

  3. Compare your current electric bill costs (Rate A) against potential electric bill costs under the optional heat rate (Rate A-20).

  4. Call Versant’s Customer Contact Center at 1-855-363-7211 with any questions or if you believe you may benefit from the optional heat rate.

Heating Season: October through April

Non-heating Season: May through September

Month Usage (kWh) Rate A (Default) Rate A-20 (Heat Rate)
January $ $
February $ $
March $ $
April $ $
May $ $
June $ $
July $ $
August $ $
September $ $
October $ $
November $ $
December $ $
Monthly average (year round) kWh $ $
Monthly average (heating season) kWh $ $
Monthly average (non-heating season) kWh $ $
Annual total kWh $ $

Rates as of 1/1/2022.

*Heat pump eligible for Tier 2 rebates from Efficiency Maine