Cooling Solutions

Cooling Solutions

Installing, renovating, or replacing cooling equipment with high-efficiency options can make your workplace more comfortable and reduce cooling costs.  Incentives from Efficiency Maine are available for heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow systems, and programmable thermostats.


Heat Pumps:

Many Maine businesses cool and heat with a heat pump; heat pumps come in several configurations including central systems and mini-split systems which heat different zones independently. Click here to find out more about ductless mini-split heat pumps and available incentives.


Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems:

Variable refrigerant flow systems can simultaneously cool and heat different parts of the building; these systems can be very efficient because they can cool by taking waste heat captured in one part of the building (e.g., a server room, or the face of the building exposed to the sun) and deliver it to spaces requiring heat. Because they rely on a different distribution network than is present in most existing buildings, variable refrigerant flow systems are most often installed in new buildings or as part of large renovation projects. Click here for more details on incentives for variable refrigerant flow systems. You can read more about variable refrigerant flow systems as a heating solution here.

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Work with an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner to install high-efficiency cooling solutions. Click here to find a Qualified Partner working near you. If you work with a contractor that is not yet a Qualified Partner, urge your contractor to find out more information here.

Don’t see your cooling project listed here? Contact Efficiency Maine at 866-376-2463 or click here to learn more about custom efficiency incentives.