Central Maine Power Residential Electricity Rate Options

Central Maine Power (CMP) offers special electricity rates for residential customers. These rates may save money for higher-usage customers like those who have heat pumps or electric vehicles.

To calculate how much you may save, enter your “Average Daily Usage” in kWh from your most recent CMP bill, click the “Calculate” button, and compare the Default Rate A cost with the Electric Technology rate and Seasonal Heat Pump rate costs. Click here for an example of where to find this information and be sure to match the months when you enter the values into the calculator. Click “Calculate” to see the results and “Reset” to clear the data.

If you want to switch to one of these rates, visit cmpco.com, click on Account then on either NEW Electric Technology rate or NEW Seasonal Heat Pump rate from the drop down options, then complete the online form to enroll. Or, call CMP at 800.750.4000 and ask about their “Electric Technology” or “Seasonal Heat Pump” rates and requirements.

Note: The results delivered by the calculator below may differ from the Seasonal Heat Pump rate and Electric Technology rate calculators on the CMP website, which provide only your estimated delivery cost. CMP’s calculators do not include tax fees, interest, or supply charges, so they do not provide an estimate of your total monthly bill. The Seasonal Heat Pump rate requires that the customer have a heat pump. The Electric Technology Rate is open to any residential customer.

Calculate Your Potential Savings

MonthAverage Daily Usage (kWh)Estimated Monthly UsageDefault Rate AElectric Technology RateSeasonal Heat Pump RateEstimated Electric Technology Savings (increased costs in red)Estimated Seasonal Heat Pump Savings (increased costs in red)
Estimated Annual total kWh$$$
Average Monthly Total kWh$$$

Rates as of 1/10/2024.

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