Rebates Spur Record Number of Heat Pump Water Heaters

Since July 1, 2013, a record number of Maine homeowners have installed high-efficiency heat pump water heaters using Efficiency Maine rebates. Nearly 1,500 homeowners have purchased heat pump water heaters through the rebate program compared to 281 prior to July 1.

Andy Meyer, Program Manager at Efficiency Maine, attributes interest in the new technology to a sizable potential savings compared to electric resistance water heaters – up to $3,000 over the lifetime of the unit – and a $300 mail-in rebate from Efficiency Maine.

“The $300 rebates, along with a potential $3,000 in energy savings, are clearly making heat pump water heaters popular sellers,” Meyer says. “What’s even better is that Maine customers are loving them after they’re installed,” Meyer says. “Out of 102 rebate recipients who responded to a recent survey by Efficiency Maine, 80 percent ranked their satisfaction a 9 or 10 out of 10, and 100 percent ranked them favorably overall.”

 Heat pump water heaters typically cost half as much to operate as traditional electric resistance water heaters. They can also save a homeowner as much as $250 a year. Meyer encourages homeowners to take advantage of current Efficiency Maine rebates while they last.

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