Lincoln Paper and Tissue Focuses on Energy Efficiency

Lincoln Paper and Tissue is investing in its specialty tissue line with a retrofit of its pulp handling and refining processes and help from a $1 million incentive from Efficiency Maine’s Large Customer Program.

Last November, when pulp production at Lincoln Paper and Tissue was interrupted, the mill switched to purchasing dried pulp to keep its specialty tissue line operating.

With the loss of their own pulping capabilities, the company has been relying on older and less efficient pulping and refining equipment to take the dried pulp and prepare it for use in their newer specialty tissue machines. With help from Efficiency Maine, Lincoln Paper and Tissue is retrofitting these operations with much more efficient and modern equipment that will save 5.8 million kilowatt hours a year, which is enough energy to power about 915 homes. The total project cost is estimated at $2.8 million and is part of an overall $7.8 million facility upgrade to improve the logistics of the mill’s new business model.

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