Year in Review

Efficiency Maine recently published its FY2017 Annual Report. The businesses working in the energy efficiency sector collaborated with Efficiency Maine to achieve remarkable energy savings in the last fiscal year. Highlights from that work include:

  • Avoiding more than $182 million in unnecessary energy costs for Maine ratepayers;
  • Leveraging $53.4 million of incremental private investment with $41.6 million of program investment;
  • Ceasing incentives for fluorescent lighting technologies and switching exclusively to the promotion of LEDs;
  • Supporting 7,959 projects to install air sealing, insulation, ductless heat pumps, and heating systems through the Home Energy Savings Program;
  • Reaching a milestone of promoting more than 25,700 DHPs installed over the past five years;
  • Moving a number of commercial heating measures “midstream,” delivering instant rebates at the level of the equipment dis¬tributors rather than at the contractor level;
  • Shifting the focus of the Small Business Initiative (SBI) to Maine’s smallest commer¬cial customers (below 25 kW);
  • Adding more than 24.8 MW of new peak summer demand reductions to the grid;
  • Avoiding an estimated 95,148 tons of annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions; and
  • Ranking 11th on the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s “State Energy Efficiency Scorecard,” and receiving the “most improved” designation.

Click here to read the full report.