Business Programs

Business Program

Efficiency Maine’s Business Program offers fixed or “Prescriptive Incentives” to reduce the cost of projects that help your business use energy more efficiently. Eligible organizations include:

  • Businesses, for profit or nonprofit
  • Municipalities
  • Schools and higher education facilities
  • Other non-residential facilities
  • Multifamily buildings with five or more units

Prescriptive incentives are currently available for HVAC all fuels and ductless mini-split heat pump measures.

HVAC 235x235

HVAC equipment: Heating and cooling may account for as much as one third of the energy consumed in a typical building. Businesses can save money, increase equipment reliability, and create more comfortable and productive workplaces by making energy-efficient choices when installing, renovating, or replacing HVAC equipment.

Prescriptive incentives are currently available for all fuels measures (measure codes AF1 – AF6 and WH1).

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Ductless mini-split heat pumps: Mini-split heat pump units are highly efficient systems that save energy and reduce heating costs. Units must meet the minimum HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) requirements in order to qualify for incentives from the Efficiency Maine Business Incentive Program.

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How to Get Started

Find a Qualified PartnerWork with an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner to install energy-efficient equipment. Your Qualified Partner will be able to provide program guidelines and eligibility requirements. Please find additional information about the program below. Please note that some applications require pre-approval.

You or your contractor can call 1-866-376-2463 with any questions concerning your application. Our field staff will work directly with you or your contractor, including visiting the site, to help complete your project!If you’d like additional information about the Business Program, please contact Efficiency Maine at 1-866-376-2463.

Program activity has been suspended for the following equipment. No incentives are being offered at this time.


Lighting/LEDs: Lighting is a significant operating expense in existing buildings. By upgrading lighting, owners can reduce energy costs while enhancing productivity and improving aesthetics. Maine businesses can reduce lighting expenses by upgrading to high-efficiency fixtures and installing lighting controls. Lighting control technologies allow building managers to carefully tailor lighting conditions to the requirements of specific spaces. Efficiency Maine incentivizes high-efficiency lighting and lighting control projects ranging from LED exit signs to high-efficiency outdoor lighting to refrigerated case fixtures to occupancy sensors.

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Variable-speed drives: VFDs reduce energy consumption by controlling motor speeds over time based on changing load demands on HVAC pumps and fans. Standard pump and fan systems always run at full speed, consuming more electricity than required to do the job. A variable frequency drive slows a fan or pump down when the actual load decreases.

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Commercial refrigeration: Refrigeration represents a significant portion of the electric bill for restaurants, groceries and convenience stores. Businesses can save energy and money with incentives provided for the purchase of new energy-efficient equipment and retrofits for existing equipment.

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Compressed air systems: Compressed air is a vital part of industrial operations, including powering pneumatic tools and garage service lifts. It is often thought of as a “free” source of energy when in fact it is one of the least efficient and most expensive in the industry. Even the smallest compressed air system can be a relatively large component of energy consumption and cost.

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Agricultural equipment: Special incentives are available for specialized equipment found in the dairy and potato-growing industries, including dairy pre-coolers and exhaust fans in potato storage equipment.

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