Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Prescriptive Incentive Program

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Prescriptive Incentive Program

Efficiency Maine’s C&I Prescriptive Program offers fixed or “prescriptive incentives” to reduce the cost of projects that help your business use energy more efficiently. Examples of eligible organizations include:

  • Businesses, for profit or nonprofit;
  • Municipalities;
  • Schools and higher education facilities;
  • Manufacturing and other industrial facilities;
  • Other non-residential facilities; and
  • Multifamily buildings with five or more units.
(Note that single-family houses, multifamily buildings of four units or less, condominiums, seasonal properties, and non-permanent structures are ineligible for incentives through the C&I Prescriptive Incentive Program.)


Continue reading to learn more about energy efficiency solutions, how to get started, and program details.


Heating Solutions:

Businesses can save money, increase equipment reliability, and create more comfortable and productive workplaces by making energy-efficient choices when installing, renovating, or replacing heating equipment. Incentives are currently available for high-efficiency boilers, furnaces, variable refrigerant flow systems, ductless heat pumps, heaters, and controls.
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Lighting Solutions:

lighting and controls 235
Lighting can be a significant operating expense in existing buildings. Maine businesses can reduce lighting expenses by upgrading to high-efficiency fixtures and installing lighting controls. Lighting control technologies allow building managers to carefully tailor lighting conditions to the requirements of specific spaces. These upgrades can also enhance productivity and improve aesthetics. Efficiency Maine incentivizes high-efficiency lighting and lighting control projects such as recessed LEDs, high-efficiency outdoor lighting, refrigerated case fixtures, occupancy sensors, and more.
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Cooling Solutions:

Installing, renovating, or replacing cooling equipment with high-efficiency options can make your workplace more comfortable and reduce cooling costs. Incentives are currently available for heat pumps, variable refrigerant flow systems, and programmable thermostats.
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Compressed Air Solutions:

Compressed air is a vital part of industrial operations, including powering pneumatic tools and garage service lifts. Even the smallest compressed air system can be a relatively large component of energy consumption and cost.
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Agricultural Solutions:

Energy efficiency upgrades can reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance costs and improve productivity for Maine’s agricultural industry.
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Commercial Kitchen Solutions:

Commercial kitchen equipment: Many restaurants, schools, and hospital kitchens offer opportunities for increased energy efficiency. Examples of high-efficiency equipment include ovens, broilers and griddles.
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How to Get Started

Find a Qualified PartnerWork with an Efficiency Maine Qualified Partner to learn more about the complete program guidelines, eligibility requirements, and project completion time periods — and to upgrade your facility. Click here to read the C&I Prescriptive Program’s Terms and Conditions. If you work with a contractor that is not yet a Qualified Partner, urge your contractor to find out more information here.

If you’d like additional information about the C&I Prescriptive Program, please contact Efficiency Maine at 1-866-376-2463.