Maine Advanced Buildings

Maine Advanced BuildingsThe Maine Advanced Buildings Program for commercial new construction offers strategies to help Maine owner-builders, developers, architects and engineers design buildings that are more energy-efficient than the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code requires.

Whether you’re building a new office or warehouse, energy-efficiency features offer many benefits:

  • Savings year after year on heating and electric bills
  • Greater comfort for employees, with better lighting and more even distribution of heating and cooling
  • Lower maintenance costs

Advanced Buildings is a national program to raise the standards for energy efficiency in commercial construction in North America. We’ve adopted their nationally tested strategies and perfected them for Maine’s climate and building styles.

The heart of Maine Advanced Buildings is the Core Performance Guide, an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to more efficient lighting, HVAC and insulation for new construction. It offers a complete suite of technologies and practices while Efficiency Maine provides the local support and incentives to make it easy for Maine companies to participate.