Natural Gas Program

Natural Gas Program

Are you a Unitil customer?
Your business may be eligible for up to $10,000 in incentives for high-efficiency heating equipment. Businesses upgrading this winter are eligible for an ADDITIONAL 25% INCENTIVE.
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Some restrictions apply.

For Unitil Business Customers

boilerEfficiency Maine offers a natural gas efficiency program for business customers. The program includes prescriptive incentives to customers of Unitil, and focuses on premium efficiency boilers, furnaces and heaters, and their associated controls, as well as efficient gas-fired commercial kitchen equipment.

Natural Gas-fired Boilers, Furnaces and Heaters: Incremental incentives are available to customers who upgrade from code-compliant standard practice equipment to premium equipment for both existing and new facilities.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment: Restaurants, schools, and hospitals all offer opportunities for increased energy efficiency through the installation of premium efficiency equipment. Examples include high-efficiency fryers, ovens, steamers, broilers and griddles.

A complete list of eligible equipment may be found here.


Equipment must be new and installed as part of the construction or renovation of a commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, municipal, or multifamily (5 or more units) building.


Project must involve the replacement of equipment that has failed or is at the end of its useful life in an existing commercial, industrial, institutional, educational, municipal, or multifamily (5 or more units) building.

Please click here for additional eligibility requirements and program guidelines.

Find a Qualified PartnerREQUIREMENTS

Pre-approval may be required depending on the size of the incentive requested – please see the Prescriptive Natural Gas Online Incentive Application for more info.

Manufacturer’s technical specification sheets (“cut sheets”) must always be provided with the application. For natural gas-fired boilers, furnaces and heaters you must also provide AHRI Certificates for each type of eligible equipment proposed.


To complete an online application for the Prescriptive Natural Gas Program, please click here.


For a Prescriptive Natural Gas Data Collection Form, please click here.


For a list of Natural Gas Measure Codes please click here.

Call 1-866-376-2463 for additional information and a complete list of incentives.