Resources for Renters

Efficiency Maine has a number of resources for renters hoping to make their apartments more energy efficient.  Click on the links below to find out more:

Electricity Monitor Loaners: Most renters pay their own electricity bills.  Detect how much power your appliances and electronics consume with an electricity monitor.  Most Maine public libraries have one to borrow free-of-charge.

Energy and Money Saving Tips:  Click here for a number of low- and no-cost tips to lower your energy consumption and energy costs, including a number of strategies that are easily implemented by renters.

Energy Efficient Lighting:  Consider replacing incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs.  Switching your bulbs can help you save more than $100 a year.  Find out more about where to find discounted CFLs and LEDs by clicking here.

Multifamily Programs:  You may be able to save additional energy costs if your landlord installs energy efficiency improvements such as insulation, heating equipment, and water heaters.  Your landlord can save as well.  Efficiency Maine has a number of programs for which multifamily properties are eligible.  Click here to find out more about energy efficiency incentives to share with your landlord or property owner.

Looking to rent?  All building owners are required to use this form to disclose past energy usage history.  Ask for utility disclosure information in order to identify apartments that will cost less to heat and cool.