Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Commercial Kitchen Solutions

Many restaurant, school, and hospital kitchens have opportunities for increased savings through the installation of energy-efficient cooking and food storage equipment. Efficiency Maine offers incentives for high-efficiency equipment for cooking and refrigeration applications.

Cooking Solutions

Combination Oven

  • High-efficiency combination ovens are versatile units that allow simultaneous cooking, steaming, and baking. Incentives are available for natural gas and propane models with 40% rated efficiency or higher.
  • $1,250 incentive available per oven

Convection Oven

  • ENERGY STAR® Certified commercial convection ovens are approximately 20% more energy efficient than standard models. Upgrading your convection oven can result in reduced heat loss, a cooler kitchen, and faster and more uniform cooking. Full-size natural gas and propane convection ovens are eligible for an incentive from Efficiency Maine.
  • $750 incentive available per oven


  • ENERGY STAR® Certified fryers are approximately 30% more efficient than standard models. Their efficient burners, efficient heat exchangers, and insulation levels reduce cook times and stand-by losses. ENERGY STAR® fryers that use natural gas or propane are eligible for an incentive from Efficiency Maine.
  • $800 incentive available per fryer


  • High-efficiency griddles can help you reduce natural gas or propane consumption because of their thermostatic controls. High-efficiency models can also result in more even cooking because of greater uniformity of temperature across the griddle plate.
  • $275 incentive available per griddle


  • ENERGY STAR® certified steam cookers, or compartment steamers, are up to 50% more energy efficient than standard models. Upgrading to a high-efficiency steam cooker can result in higher production rates, shorter cook times, reduced heat loss, reduced energy consumption, and reduced water consumption.
  • Up to $300 incentive available per natural gas or propane steamer. Incentive varies by steamer size.

Refrigeration Solutions

Commercial ENERGY STAR® Reach-in Cooler and Freezers

  • According to ENERGY STAR®, high-efficiency coolers and freezers can save up to 45% compared to standard models.
  • $75 incentive available per unit

Commercial ENERGY STAR® Ice Makers

  • On average, efficient ice makers use 15% less energy than standard models; upgrading to an energy efficient ice maker can also reduce water usage. Efficiency Maine offers incentives for high-efficiency commercial ice makers.
  • $100 incentive available per ice maker

Click here for a complete list of incentives.

Interested in more information on high-efficiency commercial kitchen information? ENERGY STAR has a helpful guide to commercial kitchen efficiency that can be found here. ENERGY STAR has also developed a commercial kitchen equipment calculator.

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