Awarded Contracts

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DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
05/31/20240202024Home Energy Score ProviderEarth Advantage Inc. 
05/01/20240142024Lending ServicesAmeriNat
05/01/20240132024Lending PlatformIgnatius
04/26/20240112024EV DC Fast Chargers at Maine DestinationsMultiple
04/12/20240182024Various Advertising, Editing, Graphic Design, and Website Support ServicesMultiple
03/27/20240122024Electric Bike PilotMultiple
03/08/20240172024Call Center ServicesSaviLinx, LLC
02/16/20240102024DC Fast Charging Stations – Maine Phase 6Multiple


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
10/27/20230162023Various Research, Evaluation, Verification, and Grid Modernization Support ServicesMultiple
10/5/20230082024Electric Vehicle Rebate Support ServicesCenter for Sustainable Energy
10/2/20230142023Demand Response Initiative Multiple
8/1/20230132023Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charging Stations – Phase 4 (Round 2)Multiple
8/1/20230112023DC Fast Charging Stations – Maine Phase 5Multiple
7/21/20230072023Video Production ServicesSutherland Weston
6/16/20230162023Research, Evaluation, Verification, and Grid Modernization Support ServicesMultiple
6/9/20230052023Evaluation of the C&I Custom ProgramMichaels Energy
2/1/20230092023Distributed Energy Resources Management Service ProviderVirtual Peaker
1/24/20230082023DC Fast Charging Stations – Phase 4Multiple


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
10/18/20220242022Database Management and Technical ServicesLaunch Consulting
9/30/20220042023Services to Assess Cost-Saving Energy Opportunities in Maine State BuildingsCollinsCEA and GDS Associates, Inc.
6/24/20220132022Research, Evaluation, Verification and Grid Modernization Support Services (extended term)Multiple Awardees
6/14/20220192022Hydronic Heat Pump with Thermal Storage SolutionsRidgeline Energy Analytics
6/6/20220152022Demand Response InitiativeMultiple Awardees
5/27/20220182022Audit ServicesRunyon Kersteen Ouellette
4/26/20220142022Training ServicesD+R International
4/22/20220082022Commercial and Industrial Custom Program Support ServicesNV Energy Services USA Inc.
1/1/20220112022Home Energy Savings Program and Low Income Initiatives Program SupportCLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
3/16/20220902022Delivery Services for Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Prescriptive InitiativesGDS Associates, Inc.
2/25/20220102022Retail and Distributor Program ManagementCLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
2/18/20220132022Research, Evaluation, Verification and Grid Modernization Support Services (original award)Multiple Awardees


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
7/13/20210132021Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers – Round 4Calzolaio Pasta Co., Wilton
6/15/20210152021Whole Home Heat Pump SolutionsRidgeline Energy Analytics
5/19/20210112021Various Advertising, Graphic Design, and Website Support ServicesMultiple awardees
5/14/20210102021Electric Vehicle DC Fast ChargersMultiple awardees
5/10/20210142021Various Building Energy Code Training ServicesMultiple awardees
4/16/20210082021Call Center ServicesSaviLinx, LLC
 0092021Residential Heat Pump Impact EvaluationRidgeline Energy Analytics


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
12/17/20200052020Level 2 Electric Vehicle Chargers (2020- Round 1)Multiple Awardees
10/16/20200042020Integrated Thermostat PilotERS
6/15/20200122020Commercial Split-System Heat Pump Water Heating Demonstration PilotsRidgeline Energy Analytics
5/28/20200112020Information Technology Service ProviderBurgess Technology Services
5/17/20200072019Request for Proposals for Small Business Initiative Impact EvaluationDemand Side Analytics
5/17/20200082019Request for Proposals for Retail and Distributor Lighting Products Impact EvaluationDemand Side Analytics
5/13/20200102020Request for Proposals for the C&I Heat Pump Impact EvaluationERS
1/26/20200092020Level 2 Smart Charging Pilot Support ServicesERS
1/10/20200072020Level 2 Public Charging Stations – Round TwoMultiple Awardees


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
12/27/20190052020Database Management and Technical ServicesDirect Technology
12/24/20190132019Support Services for Non-Wires Alternative (NWA) InitiativesEnergy and Resource Solutions(ERS)
 0042020Various Research, Evaluation, and Verification Support ServicesMultiple Awardees
9/16/20190042019Level 2 Public Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations, Round 1Multiple Awardees
6/27/20190122019Load Management Innovation PilotsIsle au Haut Electric Power Company, Energy Solutions, and EnSave
4/15/20190112019Commercial & Industrial Custom Program ServicesEnergy & Resource Solutions, Inc.
4/10/20190102019Small Business Initiative Program Delivery ServicesGDS Associates Inc.
4/3/20190092019Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Prescriptive incentive Program
and the Lighting Component of the Distributor Initiative
GDS Associates Inc.
3/22/20190062019Home Energy Savings Program and Low-Income InitiativesCLEAResult Consulting Inc.
3/13/20190052019Retail Initiatives Program and Distributor Initiatives ProgramCLEAResult Consulting Inc.


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
10/19/20180122018Maine Electric Vehicle Charging – Phase 1ChargePoint, Inc.
9/1/20180902018Various Advertising, Graphic Design and Web ServicesMultiple entities
8/7/20180102018Renewable Demonstration ProjectsMultiple entities
8/7/20180102018Renewable Demonstration ProjectsMultiple entities
6/18/20180112018Load Management Innovation PilotsReVision Energy
5/23/20180082018Call Center ServicesSavilinx
2/20/20180072018Technical Services to Develop a Spreadsheet ToolEnSave, Inc.
1/5/20180062018Forward Capacity Market Support ServicesSynapse Energy Economics


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
11/27/2017PON0122017Advanced Rooftop HVAC Unit Controls PilotTRC Energy Services
10/17/20170042018Low Income Behavioral PilotTRC Energy Services
10/6/20170052018Various Research, Evaluation, and Verification Support ServicesMultiple prequalified firms
3/16/20170112017Heat Pump Water Heater Impact EvaluationWest Hill Energy and Computing
1/23/20170082017Various Research, Evaluation and Verification Support ServicesMultiple prequalified firms


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
11/17/20160032017Database Management and Technical ServicesDirect Technology ESG
10/31/20160062017Video Production ServicesMultiple prequalified firms
10/28/20160072017Home Energy Savings Program Impact EvaluationWest Hill Energy and Computing
10/14/20160042017Website Design, Development and Maintenance ServicesMultiple prequalified firms
5/26/20160082016Commercial and Industrial Custom Program Support ServicesEnergy & Resources Solutions
5/26/20160062016Various Communications, Marketing, and Logistical Support ServicesMultiple prequalified firms
3/24/20160072016Consumer Products ProgramCLEAResult Consulting, Inc.
3/7/20160032016Heat Pump Water Heater Demonstration PilotsGE Appliances
Nyle Systems, LLC.
2/23/20160042016Annual M&V Plan Compliance Review for ISO-NE FCMEvergreen Economics


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
5/11/20150122015Call Center ServicesSaviLinx, LLC.
2/25/20150092015Information Technology Network and Hardware-Software Maintenance ServicesEmance, Inc. d/b/a Burgess Computer
2/20/20150112015Interval Data AnalyticsFirstFuel Software
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Nexant, Inc.
2/20/20150082015Evaluation of the Large Customer ProgramNexant, Inc.
2/20/20150072015Evaluation of the Business Incentive ProgramNexant, Inc.
2/17/20150102015Residential Baseline StudyNMR Group, Inc.
2/2/20150062015Website ServicesVreeland Marketing & Design


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
12/26/20140052015Financial Auditing ServicesRunyon Kersteen & Ouellette
7/31/20140012015Technician Services: Distributed Generation Metering Installation, Configuration and SupportTilson Technology Management
6/16/20140152014Small Business Direct Install Program DeliveryTRC Energy Services
5/28/20140142014Multifamily Efficiency Program DeliveryTRC Energy Services
5/15/20140132014Research and Development Projects under the Renewable Resources Fund-Lincolnville Community Library
-City of Biddeford Public Works
-Towns of Mapleton, Castle Hill and Chapman Fire Station
-Town of Wells Public Works
-Western Maine Community Action/ Northern Forest Center
-Casco Bay Solar Ice, LLC.
5/7/20140042014Request for Qualifications for Design ServicesMultiple Awardees
3/25/20140092014Public Information and OutreachThe Island Institute
The Sustain Mid-Maine Coalition
3/17/20140112014Request for Qualifications Consultant Services: Technical Consulting, Analysis and SupportMultiple Awardees
3/17/20140082014Assessment of Natural Gas Opportunity in MaineGDS Associates, Inc.
3/5/20140102014Evaluation of the Low-Income Multifamily ProgramNMR Group, Inc.
2/14/20140032014Website ServicesVreeland Marketing & Design


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
12/4/20130062014Residential Technical Support and Quality Assurance ServicesConservation Services Group
11/15/20130052014Forward Capacity Support ServicesSynapse Energy
10/3/20130022014Database Management and Technical Analysis ServicesDirect Technology
7/1/20130142013Photography/Video Production ServicesNomad Pictures
6/19/20130132013Large Customer Support ServicesEnergy and Resource Solutions, Inc.
6/12/20130072013Evaluation of Residential Retail Products ProgramsNMR Group, Inc.
5/16/20130012013Delivery of Business Incentive ProgramGDS Associates, Inc.
5/10/20130092013Innovation Programecobee, Inc.
Retroficiency, Inc.
5/9/20130042013Residential Retail Products Program DeliveryApplied Proactive Technologies (APT)
5/2/20130082013Evaluation of the Multifamily ProgramOpinion Dynamics Corporation
5/2/20130022013Research and Development and Demonstration Projects under the Renewable Resources FundThe Chewonki Foundation
The City of Augusta
Cobscook Community Learning Center
Maine Community Solar Farm
Western Maine Community Action
York School Department
5/1/20130052013Call Center ServicesTaction: The Call Center
5/1/20130062013Low Income Electric-Heat Multifamily and Low Income Unitil Natural Gas Heat Multifamily Weatherization Program ManagementConservation Services Group
4/30/20130102013Energy Efficiency Education and TrainingDale Carnegie, Maine
3/18/20130122012Competitive Incentive for Large Electrical Efficiency and Distributed Generation ProjectsRockland Wastewater Treatment Plant
National Distributors
Texas Instruments
Town of Scarborough
Exeter Agri-Energy
Hannaford Brothers
Verso Androscoggin
Duck Trap
Jasper Wyman and Sons
Village Green Maine
2/27/20130032013Photography/Video Production Services Documenting the Success of Efficiency Maine’s Participation in the Federal Energy Efficiency Community Block Grant ProgramNomad Pictures


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
12/11/20120102012Technical Reference Manual Support and Annual M&V Plan Compliance Review for ISO-New England Forward Capacity MarketThe Cadmus Group, Inc.
11/30/20120112012 Consultant Services — Boothbay Non-Transmission Alternative ProjectHeliotropic Technologies
8/13/20120092012Evaluation of the Retro-Commissioning Pilot ProgramThe Cadmus Group, Inc.
8/9/20120042012Small Business Direct Install Pilot ProgramLime Energy
5/15/20120012012Competitive ProgramOld Town Fuel and Fiber
Woodland Pulp
Portland Water District
Maine General Thayer Campus
Sunday River
5/14/20120032012Innovation ProgramBangor Hydro Electric Company
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
4/23/20120062012Multi-Family Weatherization ProjectTRC Energy Services
3/23/20120072012Central Service Cost and Indirect Cost Allocation PlanSara McLaughlin
3/23/20120052012Financial Auditing ServicesMacdonald Page and Co., LLC
3/9/20120022012Baseline and Opportunities AssessmentThe Cadmus Group
1/5/20120202011Energy Efficiency InnovationPowerWise Systems
Community Concepts, Inc.


DateRFP NumberDescriptionAwardee(s)
12/7/20110072011Database Management and Technical Analysis ServicesDirect Technology
12/6/20110212011Competitive ProgramMadison Paper Industries
Verso Paper – Androscoggin
Verso Paper – Bucksport
Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority
Rumford Paper Company
Twin Rivers Paper
Irving Forest Products, Inc.
Shipyard Brewing Co.
Mid State Machine
University of Southern Maine
Mid Coast Hospital
Alodyne LLC for Hilton Garden Inn, Portland
11/16/20110242011Residential and Renewable Energy Technical ServicesConservation Services Group, Inc.
11/9/20110232011Refrigerator Recycling ProgramJACO Environmental, Inc.
9/9/20110192011Evaluation of the Residential Lighting ProgramThe Cadmus Group, Inc.
8/3/20110162011Information Technology Network and Hardware-Software Maintenance ServicesBurgess Computer
6/1/20110142011Evaluation of the Business Incentive ProgramOpinion Dynamics Corporation
5/25/20110172011Review of Compliance with Approved M&V Plan for ISO-NE FCMThe Cadmus Group, Inc.
5/11/20110122011Marketing ServicesRinck Advertising
The Cadmus Group
Marketing Drive
5/11/20110052011Energy Education and TrainingMaine Indoor Air Quality Council
Energy Resource Solutions
Maine Energy Education Program
5/11/20110062011Energy Efficiency InnovationInvestment Engineering
5/6/20110132011Call Center ServicesTaction –The Contact Center
4/29/20110102011Business Program DeliveryEnergy and Resource Solutions
4/20/20110112011Residential Lighting, Appliance, and Electronics Program DeliveryApplied Proactive Technologies
4/13/20110092011Commercial Building Energy Consumption Baseline StudyEnergy & Resource Solutions, Inc.
4/11/20110042011Impact Evaluation of the Home Energy Savings ProgramThe Cadmus Group, Inc.