As an Independent Trust, Efficiency Maine’s programs are guided by a Board of Directors, a Triennial Planning Process, Legislation, Agency Rules, and Technical Resource Manuals.  More about these guiding policies may be found below.

Triennial Plans

The Efficiency Maine Trust Act specifies that, every three years, the Trust will prepare a strategic plan and that the Trust’s programs should be administered by the Trust consistent with that plan.


Current chapters of Maine Law that affect the Efficiency Maine Trust:

Agency Rules

The regulatory framework in which the Trust operates starts with the statutory provisions outlined above; rules flow from these provisions:

  • Chapter 1: Contracting Process for Service Providers and Grant Recipients
  • Chapter 2: Administration of Trust, Budgeting, Project Selection Criteria and Procedures, Monitoring and Evaluation Requirements
  • Chapter 103: Renewable Resources Fund Regulations: Selection Criteria for Demonstration Projects, Cost-Effectiveness Requirements for Renewable Energy Rebates and Quality Assurance System
  • Chapter 110: Property Assessed Clean Energy Program
  • Chapter 380: Electric Energy Conservation Programs (PUC)
  • Chapter 480: Natural Gas Conservation Program (PUC)

Technical Reference Manuals

The Efficiency Maine Trust Residential and Commercial Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs) provide documentation for the Trust’s calculation of energy and demand savings from energy efficiency measures.

To request a hard copy/printed version of any of the PDF documents listed above, please call 1-866-376-2463. Please allow 10 days for delivery from the time of request.